just a minor threat


calgary kids take over double dustin wednesday …
jeds got mooooves and jake has sunburnt hands from filming this

more sun to come our way anyday .


Trollhaugen is closed… maybe..


Colin Wilson
Austin Young
Jesse Paul
Jake Olson-elm
Justin Fronius
Jeffy Gabrick
TJ Antisdel
Chris Murphy
Jillian Zahler
Derek Combs

Bert Photos’s

so rad


viande poulet 2 is now a very real thing

things I actually saw with my own eyes today:
-jake kuzyk (my hero winnipeg represent) hard way front 270 to front board
-Louif paradis back 1 switch nosepress on a 40 ft round rail
-joe sexton front lip a flat bar going 100 MPH
-Jed Anderson hard way cab 1 on, oppo front 3 out on a 40 ft round rail

also it was my first day snowboarding in months so I’ll call it an alright day



doors @ 8pm
video @ 9pm

don’t forget .

skateboard moves compiled into short movie for you to watch
by mister jake kuzyk

starring skateboarding by:
dustin , ryan , tyler, jed ,tyler , will , mike , ben and many many more .

a wee photo install by: keith henry and gordon nicholas .

its just a bunch a buddies
hope you will join us too !

super bummed im not going to this tonight. if you’re in town you should check it out